White Square Chemical, Inc.

We're a specialized materials technology company

What is White Square Chemical, Inc. (WSQ)?

WSQ is a specialized materials technology company. WSQ has developed a proprietary commercial manufacturing process for the production of dichloropolymer (“DCP”) and polyphosphazene (“PNF”). WSQ is a commercial manufacturer of DCP, PNF™, and commercializes patented and non-patented polyphosphazene applications. White Square Chemical, Inc. offers smart solutions for the marketplace in the form of its two revolutionary products:

PNF™ – Polyphosphazene material commercially manufactured by WSQ

NOVUS® – The most comfortable soft denture liners in the World

WSQ Applications

Pilot Image Template 310 x 215 pxPNF™ – Polyphosphazene

High Performance Elastomers – PNF™ was first introduced into the commercial marketplace in the late 1980s by Firestone Corporation. The material development was largely funded by the US Department of Defense and used primarily as a sealant in military equipment and the aerospace industry. Due to its unique properties and characteristics which include temperature and chemical resistance, explosive decompression, and vibration dampening – it is has applications for:

  • Seals: For pressurized equipment for drilling and production, continually in contact with hydrocarbons, hydraulic fluids, different injection chemicals (acids and solvents), seawater, etc.
  • Coatings: For corrosion protection.
  • Thermal insulation: To avoid hydrate formation during shutdown production.

Clean Energy – The material can be used in clean energy applications due to Pilot Image FINAL for right side format 310 x 215 pxthe materials high conductivity, low volatility, resistance to oxidation and free radicals, and flame retardancy. The major application areas in this field include fuel cells, rechargeable lithium batteries, and separation membranes.

  • Fuel Cells: A key component in proton exchange membrane fuel cells (“PEMFC”) is the electrolyte, a membrane that could potentially be made of polyphosphazene polymers. PEMFCs are the most common type of fuel cell.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Batteries: Most rechargeable lithium ion batteries contain organic lithium electrolytes and these have occasionally caught fire. Research conducted in this field suggests that polyphosphazene-based electrolytes may significantly reduce the weight and flammability of these batteries.
  • Separation Membranes: Polyphosphazene materials have the potential to be used in membranes to, among other things, separate CO2 from other by-products of combustion at fossil fuel generating plants to separate H2O from ethanol and other fuels.

Biomedical – PNF™ material has the potential to be used in various biomedical applications due in great part to their inorganic nature, but also they posses other properties such as biodegradability, bioerodibility, and biostability. These proven applications are in vaccine and drug delivery, and microencapsulation.

NOVUS® Soft Denture Liner

Dental Industry – NOVUS® is a PNFTM based denture liner that provides the best and most comfortable denture wearing experience for the patient. For a detailed overview of the NOVUS® soft denture liner, please visit NovusLiner.com. NOVUS® offers the following features and benefits: